How to organize your closet

You can probably gauge a person’s tidiness by taking a peek inside their closet. The messes inside them can range from poorly grouped clothes to everything being thrown on a big heap (some people actually do this). A well-organized closet won’t just make you feel better about yourself – it might also improve your style by letting you notice clothes you might not even realize you own.

The limitations of humans – organize your closet

Obviously, what you can do with your closet depends on its type. A large closet will give you a lot more options – you’ll be able to group clothes and footwear together much better and you’ll also have more storage room. But not everyone can afford to have a large and menacing closet, most often due to a lack of room. Don’t worry, though – with the right vision, a smaller piece of furniture will cover your needs just fine.

Boards are often the life of the closet – a lot of people like to minimize the amount of cloth hangers they use as they find them cumbersome to deal with. Placing your clothes on a board is easier and more economical, but not every closet has as many of them as you’d like.

If your closet doesn’t have enough boards to go around, you can try purchasing additional ones or even making them yourself, but your options might be limited and you’ll eventually have to make do with what you have (unless you’re purchasing a new closet, that is).

Regardless of how many hangers and boards you’re using, you’ll have to organize your clothes in an appealing and easily-accessible way. For easy reference, group clothes together based on layers. Jackets and coats, T-shirts, long-sleeved shirts, pants and shorts – each group should have its permanent place in the closet. You can get away with bunching together accessories like underwear or socks, but be careful lest you end up with the aforementioned pile.

Keeping the closet clean – an oft-neglected duty

So, you have your closet organized how you like it and aren’t ashamed to open it when your friends come over. That’s a good start, but you’ll also have to keep the closet’s conditions in mind. Most closets are completely closed for aesthetic reasons as well as to protect the fabrics from pets and similar intruders, but this acts as a double-edged sword – closets are notorious for their ability to attract mold.

Mold is an unwanted addition to anyone’s home and can be difficult to completely get rid of once it settles in. This means that, aside from cleaning the surfaces of your closet regularly, you’ll also have to keep the room ventilated and be mindful of moisture. If you can’t seem to keep the inside of your closet from attracting mold, you might have to consider doing away with the doors – it won’t look as pretty, but it beats having moldy clothes. You can also replace the closet’s doors with a sliding curtain, as it can be a decent compromise between good looks and proper ventilation.