How to keep your home smelling fresh

Like it or not, every home has its own smell. While visiting the homes of your friends, you’ve no doubt caught a whiff of their living environments. Some might have been smelling fresh, making you want to stay around for longer, while others might have made you look at the clock while trying to think of an excuse to cut the visit short.

If your friends have smelly houses or apartments, don’t hold it against them – living indoors for a prolonged amount of time is sure to leave its mark on an interior. You can’t stop your home from smelling a certain way, but you can absolutely make sure that the smell is a pleasant one. A nice scent has a very positive effect on a person and can drastically improve their mood, just like a not-so-pleasant odor can achieve the opposite.

Knowing the odors you’re dealing with – keep your home smelling fresh

The longer we find ourselves in a particular setting, the more we grow used to it and even accept it – odors are no exception. Oftentimes, people might think their homes, pets or even their own armpits have a neutral smell – that is, until others assure them that this is not the case. You always want to keep your home smelling fresh for your guests.

So, have a few people over and ask them to give you an honest opinion of what your home smells like. This should give you a good idea of the task at hand. Those of us living alone might get away with simply needing better and more practical air filtering. If you don’t have a filter, be sure to install one and clean it regularly as it doesn’t just make your home smell better – it also clears the air from an array of unwanted visitors that can rough up your respiratory system.

Pets or even kids (young ones, in particular) can complicate things. Due to the high frequency of odor-creating activities, you’ll have no choice but to perfume the loft. That’s just a figure of speech – whatever you use as a deodorizer should not be intrusive and should be as eco-friendly as possible.

Cleaning the place up – professional carpet cleaners

home smelling fresh professional carpet cleaners

Don’t put all the blame on pets and kids, though – you have a responsibility to keep your entire home clean year-round, and failure to do so will result in ugly and persistent odors. For example, unclean carpets are often responsible for some bad odors on top of posing a host of health risks. If you have rugs in your home, adopt a cleaning schedule, but also have professional carpet cleaners do the job every now and then – their methods are much more effective and they also add a nice deodorizer to the fabric afterwards.

Before you call the cleaners, however, make sure that both their cleaning solutions and their deodorizers are eco-friendly. It won’t just help the environment – it will also help your health.

Aside from rugs, other fabrics like upholstery and even window curtains are also at risk of attracting bad smells – the same goes for poorly ventilated areas like basements. You might not think it, but as little as one smelly closet can stink up an entire home, so make a point of being thorough in your efforts to keep everything clean and ventilated.