How to create a relaxing outdoor environment

Interior decor gets all the hype and attention. It’s not hard to understand why – everyone wants a nice-looking home (or workplace), which is why many people are able to make a living from designing indoors alone.

Yet creating a relaxing outdoor environment can be much more challenging, and can leave even an experienced interior decorator scratching his or her head. The amount of options alone can be overwhelming: should you add lights? Should you add a patio? Do you need some type of cover? The list is seemingly infinite, and it helps to have a plan before setting things in motion.

Decorating the outdoors based on what you need

On top of increasing the value of your property, creating a nice outdoors area will add a new dimension to your home and its surrounding area. Start by trying to narrow down what you might be using the spot for. Yard hangouts can range from a couple of friends sitting at a table and playing cards to large barbecues and even parties with dozens of people. If you don’t want or intend to bring too many people over, there’s no reason to turn your yard into an outdoor wedding place.

The next part is the least fun, but perhaps the most important of them all: budget. Every effort to create something is met with budget constraints, even if you’re Donald Trump. The cost of doing things like making a patio from quality stone (especially a covered one) or installing outdoors lighting can pile up in a menacing way, so be realistic when considering your means.

Before you can put the design in motion, think about the specific location for your outdoors lounge. Lots of people go for the backyard as they prefer a bit of privacy, but this can also lead to feeling a bit isolated. If you live in a nice neighborhood, you might find that hanging out in the front yard is much more pleasing than being out back.

Optional additions for more elaborate outdoor lounges

A table with chairs and perhaps a bench are all good to have, but let’s face it – when you read the words ‘relaxing outdoor environment’, you probably thought of a fountain. Indeed, few things make a better addition to one’s yard than a beautiful fountain that stimulates the eyes and ears. Unfortunately, these things aren’t just pricey to purchase, but also require a power supply in order to keep the water running. Since most fountains in the surrounding areas of a home pump water 24/7 (at least during the warmer months), there’s also the issue of racking up your electricity bill.

Another thing many like to add when creating an outdoors lounge are speakers. Of course, with all the traffic and commotion outside, you’ll have to make sure they’re a bit strong, right? Well, if neighbors complain about music surrounded by thick walls, they won’t be too happy about noise right under their window, so keep moderation in mind.

There are plenty of other additions you can make based on what you like, but don’t forget: your outdoor environment will probably be seen by dozens or even hundreds of people every day, so keep it classy.